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Laser technology is a versatile solution for various skin concerns, including unwanted hair, tattoos, and signs of aging. It’s a safe and effective method for both cosmetic and health-related improvements. At Waldman Plastic Surgery & Dermatology, we offer a range of laser treatments tailored to meet your unique skin needs. Considering laser treatment in Nashua? Our team is ready to guide you through your options and develop a customized plan to enhance your skin’s appearance.

How Does Laser Work?

Lasers work by emitting a wavelength of light that is absorbed by specific targets in the skin, such as pigmented lesions or blood vessels, without harming surrounding tissue. This precision makes laser treatments highly effective and minimally invasive.

Benefits of Laser

Laser treatments offer a multitude of advantages, including:
  • Minimal Downtime: Get back to your daily routine quickly.
  • Reduced Risk of Complications: Lasers offer a safe and controlled approach to treatment.
  • Significant Improvements: Experience noticeable enhancements in your skin’s texture, tone, and overall appearance.
  • Versatility: Lasers address a wide range of concerns, including wrinkles, scars, hyperpigmentation, and unwanted hair.

Laser Treatments at Waldman Plastic Surgery & Dermatology


Fraxel® is a form of fractional laser therapy that targets aging and sun-damaged skin by creating microscopic laser columns that penetrate deep into your skin to expedite your body’s remodeling of collagen. This treatment is designed for those who want to improve skin texture, erase pigmentation, and reduce signs of aging.


The V-BEAM laser is a pulsed dye laser that targets and diminishes vascular skin conditions, such as rosacea, spider veins, and port wine stains, without damaging surrounding tissue. It effectively treats these skin conditions with minimal discomfort.


TriVantage is a versatile laser platform that targets tattoo pigments and pigmented lesions, offering an effective solution for tattoo removal and skin revitalization. It also offers a solution for removing age spots.

Gentle Max Pro

Gentle Max Pro® is a dual-platform laser offering a range of treatments, including hair removal, skin tightening, and vein treatment. It combines the power of a 755 nm Alexandrite laser with a 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser for effective results. It works safely on all skin types.

Laser Hair Removal

Provides a permanent solution for unwanted hair, offering smoother skin without the hassle of shaving or waxing.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Utilizes advanced laser technology to fade and remove tattoos, with minimal risk of scarring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Benefit from Fraxel® Treatments?

Individuals with sun damage, acne scars, wrinkles, or other signs of aging can see significant improvements with Fraxel®. It’s suitable for various skin types, but a consultation with with our experts will help determine if laser treatment is right for you.

What Should I Expect After a Fraxel® Treatment?

Post-treatment, expect a mild sunburn sensation for about an hour, followed by minimal discomfort. Your skin will appear slightly red or pink and may swell. These effects usually subside within a few days. Following after-care instructions, including sunscreen and sun avoidance, is essential.

How Many Sessions Are Needed for Best Results?

The number of Fraxel® sessions varies based on individual skin concerns and goals. Most patients see the best results after 1 to 5 treatments, spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart.

Who Is a Good Candidate for V-BEAM?

Patients looking to reduce redness, rosacea, spider veins, and acne scars are excellent candidates for V-BEAM treatments. A personalized evaluation will confirm your suitability.

What Can I Expect After V-BEAM Treatment?

Mild redness and swelling are common immediately following the treatment, resembling a light sunburn. These symptoms typically resolve within a few days. Sun protection for the treated area is crucial.

How Many V-BEAM Treatments Will I Need?

The treatment plan varies depending on the severity of the condition being treated. Generally, patients require between 1 to 4 sessions, spaced several weeks apart for optimal results.

Who Benefits from TriVantage Laser Treatments?

Individuals seeking to remove tattoos of various colors or treat sun spots, age spots, and freckles can benefit from TriVantage treatments.

What Is the Recovery Like?

Post-treatment, you may experience redness, swelling, and a slight itching sensation on the treated area, which usually subsides within a week. Following aftercare instructions is crucial for healing.

How Many Sessions Are Required for Tattoo Removal with TriVantage?

The number of sessions needed for tattoo removal varies based on the tattoo’s size, color, and age. Typically, patients require multiple treatments spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart.

Who Should Consider Gentle Max Pro®?

This treatment is ideal for individuals seeking permanent hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, or vein treatment. It’s effective on all skin types, but a consultation is recommended to assess your specific needs.

What Is the Recovery Process With Gentle Max Pro®?

Most patients experience minimal discomfort post-treatment, with some redness and swelling that diminishes quickly. A commitment to post-treatment care, especially sun protection, is essential.

How Many Gentle Max Pro® Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments varies based on the condition and desired outcomes. Hair removal typically requires 4 to 6 sessions, while skin and vein treatments may vary.

What Should I Expect After Laser Hair Removal?

Post-treatment, you may notice redness and swelling similar to a sunburn. These symptoms typically resolve within a few days. Avoiding sun exposure and using recommended skincare products is crucial.

What Is Post-Treatment Care for Laser Tattoo Removal?

You may experience redness, blistering, and swelling in the treated area. It’s important to keep the area clean and follow the aftercare instructions provided by your specialist.

How Many Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments Are Required?

The number of sessions varies based on the tattoo’s size, color, and age. Most tattoos require multiple treatments for full removal, with sessions spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart.

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