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Mastopexy, also commonly referred to as a breast lift is a procedure that can bring back your youthful figure by correcting sagging breasts or loss of firmness and volume. A woman’s breast can sag as a result of age, pregnancy, breast feeding or weight loss.

Breast Lift Benefits

A breast lift will improve the appearance of your breast in many ways. The procedure reconstructs the breast in such a way that excess fat and skin is removed, thus tightening the tissues of the breast, giving it a ‘lifted’ appearance, which restores the breast appearance back to that of your pre-pregnancy, youthful breast shape. Visit Waldman Plastic Surgery and Dermatology’s extensive before and after gallery to view examples of our results. Mastopexy will also address the tissue surrounding the nipple, or areola, which oftentimes becomes stretched due to the same effects. The areola usually has expanded over time and can also be reduced in size.

I’m extremely happy with the outcome of my surgery. You guys rock!

Dr. Waldman was extremely professional and really cared about me and my surgical process… Thank you for everything! I’m extremely happy with the outcome of my surgery. You guys rock! Mastopexy/Breast Lift Patient

Is A Breast Lift Right For Me

There are many things you will want to consider prior to having a breast lift and to even know if it is the right procedure for you. The best way to know if this procedure is right for you is to schedule a one on one consultation at Waldman Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. We will personally meet with you and go over the specifics of the procedure, along with your goals and any questions you may have. Your Breast Lift will be performed by Dr. Jeremy Waldman at his office in Nashua, NH.
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Breast Lift Recovery

You can expect to experience some mild swelling and bruising following your breast lift in New Hampshire. Pain can be managed with medication. A surgical bra will need to be worn throughout your recovery. Our team will provide post-operative instructions following your breast lift.

Breast Lift With Augmentaion

Many women considering Mastopexy, may also want to have their breasts enlarged. This procedure is called breast lift with implants or breast lift with breast augmentation. It can not only lift your sagging breasts but can also increase the cup size of your breast. It can also extend the results of the breast lift because breast implants are less affected by gravity, aging, weight loss, or pregnancy which results in your breasts staying firm and perky for many years.*
Before & After
Before & After
* Individual results may vary.

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Breast Lift Cost

The cost of your breast lift in New Hampshire and the payment options available to you can be discussed during your consultation at Waldman Plastic Surgery.

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If you are interested in receiving a breast lift, make sure you find a skilled and qualified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. Dr. Jeremy Waldman is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is dedicated to providing our patients with outstanding results from their breast lift in New Hampshire. To schedule your one on one consultation at Waldman Plastic Surgery and Dermatology call us at (603) 577-5559 or you can email us.

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