Body Contouring

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Generally, body contouring procedures can be helpful to patients who have recently lost a dramatic amount of weight. These procedures include Tummy Tucks, Arm Lifts, Body Lifts and Thigh Lifts.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Abdominoplasty surgery, commonly known as Tummy Tuck surgery, is a body contouring procedure designed to create a slimmer, firmer midsection. There are many factors that contribute to excess fat and skin around the waistline, which include pregnancy, dramatic weight gain or loss, age and genetics. For many people who consider Tummy Tuck surgery, no amount of diet or exercise will ever achieve the slim, tight look they desire. Of course, proper diet and exercise is important to a patients well being and when used in conjunction with the Tummy Tuck procedure, the results can be amazing and long-lasting.

Arm Lift

The arm lift procedure allows for correction of extra loose skin and fat of the upper arms. This procedure is performed when the skin tone of the upper arm is poor and there is a significant amount of extra skin to be removed. The procedure provides a more youthful appearance and a thinner contour to the upper arms. The arm lift can also improve the folds of skin and fat of the upper chest near the armpit.

Dr. Waldman is the best, I been going to him for years

Dr. Waldman is amazing and always makes sure I have the best hospital experience while I’m there. Dr. Waldman is the best, I been going to him for years. Body Contouring Patient

Body Lift

The body lift procedure is also referred to as lower body lift or belt lipectomy. This procedure is usually the procedure of choice for patients who have undergone a significant amount of weight loss either from diet and exercise or after gastric bypass surgery. This procedure removes excess skin in a circumferential manner around the lower abdomen, waist and lower back. The body lift or belt lipectomy will improve the appearance of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

Thigh Lift

A thigh lift is done to remove excess skin from either the inner thigh or outer thigh/buttock area. This extra skin is usually caused by significant weight loss. Patients who lose a great deal of weight often wish to continue body improvement by eliminating the extra skin which has accumulated. Some patients have a thigh lift performed because of a significant fall of these areas with natural aging.

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