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Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure performed to give you a more proportional figure. It is also commonly referred to as breast enlargement or breast enhancement. There are many reasons women consider breast augmentation but the principal reason is because they feel that their breasts do no match the rest of their body and that the procedure can positively affect their self image and confidence. It is common for women not to be happy with the way clothing fits in the chest area, which can have a negative effect on a woman’s self body image and sense of femininity. Insufficient breast volume can start right after puberty or may happen after pregnancy, breastfeeding or major weight loss. Pregnancy alone, with or without breastfeeding many times will cause breasts to lose volume and they never return to the size they once were. Breast enlargement surgery (breast augmentation) is a procedure that can regain your fullness and increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Vectra 3D

Weight loss also can result in the loss of fullness in your breasts. This can also be corrected with breast augmentation surgery. Commonly, after moderate to massive weight loss it will also be necessary for you to have a breast lift, which is also known as Mastopexy. This usually will be done at the same time as the breast augmentation procedure, which will result in larger, fuller breasts. You can view numerous examples of Waldman Plastic Surgery and Dermatology’s results by visiting his extensive gallery of before and after photos.

Your Breast Augmentation will be performed by Dr. Jeremy Waldman at his office in Nashua, NH.

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Waldman Plastic Surgery and Dermatology offers both silicone and saline implants. You have many options when deciding on breast augmentation surgery and you probably have numerous questions. Call our office today to set up your free one on one consultation with Waldman Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. We will be able to answer all of your questions ranging from the choices available for implants (silicone breast implants or saline breast implants, smooth/ textured, round/teardrop, moderate/high profile), the size of the implants, the incision (armpit, nipple, lower breast crease or umbilicus) and so much more. You can call us today at (603) 577-5559 or email us.

Breast Augmentation – Things for you to think about

The most important thing for you to think about is what your goals are with having this surgery. There are many common questions you should consider and we have listed some of them below.

  1. What are your goals of having a Breast Augmentation?
  2. Do you want to be larger or just fill out the upper part of your breasts?
  3. Are your breasts uneven in size? Will breast implants make them more symmetrical?
  4. Is your skin tight or loose? Age, weight gain and loss and pregnancy are some factors that make your skin loose.
  5. How much breast tissue do you have? This can affect the placement of the breast implants.
  6. Do your breasts sag? Will breast augmentation fix this or do you also need to consider a breast lift?

These are just a few of the questions you should discuss with Dr. Waldman during your personal consultation with him.

More Information about Breast Augmentation – By Dr. Waldman

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure where an implant is placed behind the breast tissue and often behind the muscle on the chest wall in order to enhance or add volume to the breast. The process of having breast augmentation generally starts with a consultation in the office. The consultation is an opportunity for the patient to express their goals and desires for surgery, but it is also an opportunity for us to review their health history, perform a thorough physical exam, and give the patient enough information to make informed decisions about surgery.

Patients often want to know if they are a good candidate for surgery and/or if they need any additional procedures like a breast lift or mastopexy. During the consultation process, all of this will be explained. In addition, we will describe the different types of implants available and how implant sizes are selected. We offer both saline and silicone breast implants which are available in many different sizes, shapes, and surface textures. In our office, we utilize 3D imaging with the Vectra imaging system. This system allows us to take images of the chest and breasts and produce a 3-dimensional model on which we can produce simulated surgical results. We have found that this improves the communication between us and the patients, and really helps patients understand what to expect from surgery. In addition, we will view before and after photographs of patients who have already had the procedure, and again this allows the prospective patient to better understand what they can expect once surgery is completed.

After meeting with the doctor, all of our patients then meet with our surgical coordinator. The surgical coordinator will give them a detailed quote, which outlines the cost of the surgery and implants. This will include facility and anesthesia fees. All surgeries are performed in certified operating rooms with board certified anesthesia staff. Our surgical coordinator will also help navigate the patient through the scheduling process. Once scheduled for surgery, we typically schedule a preoperative visit with our doctor 2 to 4 weeks before the surgical date. This is another opportunity for the patient to have any questions answered and to review instructions for both before and after surgery. All consent forms are reviewed at this visit as well, and the patient is given their postoperative prescriptions.

Surgery is performed in an operating room and typically takes about 1 to 2 hours. The doctor will make an incision most commonly in the crease on the underside of the breast, but this can also be done through alternate incisions including through the base of the areola. Through this incision a dissection is made creating a pocket, either behind the breast tissue or behind the muscle on the chest wall in which the implant is placed. The majority of patients will go home the same day and are followed closely during the recovery process.

Recovery from breast augmentation surgery typically requires up to a week out of work (depending on your occupation) with certain limitations on physical activities that can last for up to 6 weeks. Of course every patient is different and we have found that the surgical results are best when we take the time to specifically tailor the surgery and recovery to each individual patient’s needs.

This surgery changed my life

This surgery changed my life. I suffered from an image disorder, and never felt beautiful. Never. I have so much confidence and love my body now. I’ve never been so happy. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU. Breast Augmentation Patient

TOP 10 LIST: FAQ about Breast Augmentation:

  • What Implant is right for me?

    Choosing is breast implant is a very individual decision that takes place during the consultation process. All factors are considered including the patient’s cosmetic goals (how do they want the breast to look after surgery), their existing soft tissue measurements (How wide is the breast? How much breast tissue is present?), age of the patient, and budget. Together, we explore all of the options and then select from catalogs of implants from 3 different breast implant companies (Mentor, Sientra, Allergan) to select the best implant for each patient. We have extensive experience with all forms of Silicone implants including the newer form stable or “gummy bear” silicone breast implants and still also use Saline Breast implants for many patients. In our office we have each type of implant available for patients to look at and feel with their own hands. We can also demonstrate photographs what other patients look like with each type of implant in place. Lastly we utilize VECTRA 3D imaging to allow patients to view simulations of surgical results with implants of different types and sizes.

    Breast Implant Companies

  • Where will the incision be?

    While several incisions are sometimes used to place breast implants, we typically use a small incision either under the breast, or at the base of the areola (underside of the colored skin around the nipple). This decision is mostly made after examining your breast and considering what type of implant we will be using. For example, the form stable shaped Silicone Implants require a slightly larger incision and as a result, are almost always placed with an incision underneath the breast.

    Implant incisions

  • Will the implant be behind or in front of the muscle?

    We routinely perform both subpectoral (underneath the muscle) and subglandular/subfascial (over the muscle) breast augmentation. Both approaches have advantages in some patients. For the most part, it is best to cover the implant with as much overlying tissue as we can so that the breast looks more natural and the implant is less visible. When women have very little breast tissue, the pectoralis muscle adds another layer of protection or coverage over the implant. This also has been shown to help prevent capsular contracture which is a certain type of scarring that sometimes occurs around the implant. Some women have ample breast tissue before surgery or have concerns about how the implant will look when the muscle contracts over it. In those patients, we may choose to place the implant over the muscle. This also results in less pain after surgery and sometimes a quicker recovery.

    Implant Placement

  • What type of anesthesia is used?

    All surgery is done in an operating room with General Anesthesia administered by an anesthesiologist. We have found that this is the safest and most comfortable way to perform Breast Augmentation Surgery. Patients will have the option to choose from one of the local hospitals or certified surgery center as a location for the surgery.

  • How long does the surgery take?

    Generally, surgery takes about 1-1 ½ hours. Patients then stay in a recovery area until they are feeling well enough to travel home.

  • Do I have to take time out of work?

    This depends a lot on what your occupation is. All patients require some time after surgery to recover. The amount of discomfort varies from patient to patient but most are off pain medicine within a few days after surgery. If you are able to work from home this is possible very quickly after surgery. If you drive to work, you will likely need about a week. If your work is strenuous and requires lifting of any kind, your restrictions after surgery may require you to take more time off.

  • Can I wear a bra after surgery?

    Our routine is to have patients were a sports bra for 6 weeks after surgery 24 hours/day. After this, most patients can wear any type of bra that is comfortable for them. Many decide to avoid underwire bras for a while because they can cause discomfort along the incision under the breast.

    Breast Implant Bra

    Dr. Waldman recommends a soft, front closure sports bra right after surgery.

  • How much pain will I have?

    Pain varies greatly from patient to patient and also may vary based on the type of surgery. For example, over the muscle breast augmentation in usually less painful than under the muscle breast augmentation. All of our patients are able to go home after surgery with a prescription for pain medicine to use as needed. Pain is generally moderate and most patients stop using pain medication, or are able to transition to only Tylenol, a few days after surgery.

  • When can I go back to the gym?

    We advise our patients to refrain from any strenuous activity for 3 weeks after surgery. After that we encourage activity but ask that you still rest your upper body for 3 more weeks. For example, an exercise bike would be a good way to start back at the gym.

  • Does Dr. Waldman do this operation frequently?

    Breast Augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery we perform. Dr. Waldman specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the breast. Dr. Waldman has completed fellowship training in cosmetic breast surgery which gives him additional expertise in these procedures.

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