Have you noticed red patches on your face? Do you have acne-like papules on the skin? If so, you could be suffering from Rosacea.

What Is It?

Rosacea is an auto-inflammatory skin condition that affects adults. It is estimated that 16 million Americans have this condition in some form or the other. Those affected will have red skin that might give an impression that they are blushing. They might have red lines or pimples on the face. Moreover, some people have acne-like skin as a result of this ailment.

While Rosacea resembles acne, the difference is that acne occurs in teens, while rosacea occurs in adults. It is more common in women and those with fair skin. The reason why this condition develops is not very clear. It happens because of the dilation of the blood vessels in the face and could be affected by genetics, pollution, stress, and other factors.


When the condition is mild, it may not call for treatment. In general, treatment is done through one or more of the following:

  1. Topical creams to be applied.
  2. Antibacterial washes for the skin.
  3. Antibiotics to get rid of bacterial infections.
  4. Pulsed light and photodynamic therapy to target the blood vessels.

Those with rosacea need to protect themselves from the sun. Using a gentle cleanser and soaps without chemicals are natural ways of managing rosacea. Prompt treatment can thus ensure that conditions do not worsen and can be treated effectively.