“From my first appointment (which due to accidents on the turnpike I was an hour late and covered in hives by the time I arrived) to my latest visit I have been nothing but impressed with this office. I have been self conscious since I was 13 years old. The staff has made my embarrassing situation an easy one to navigate through with their professionalism and kindness. Sometimes wonder why I waited so long?! I think the answer to that question is I had to wait in order to have THIS experience with THIS Doctor and his staff! Truly amazing down to the hospital you choose to affiliate with-which sent me a hand written “thank you/speedy recovery” card in the mail!! (Shout out to St. Joe’s as well!) I could not be happier about getting this second opinion. Even though Dr. Waldman had the same advise as the first surgeon I saw, there is just something special about him and his staff. He is a straight shooter/tell ya like it is kinda guy-which I completely appreciate! Thank you all for giving me such a wonderful and positive experience and if you are ever looking for some part time office help I’d love to surround myself with co-workers such as yourselves. Thank you again.”

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