When you lose a great amount of weight very quickly often what happens is that your skin begins to lose it’s elasticity and cannot keep up to the adjustments your body is making. As such, the skin begins to sag in it’s excess. It can be an equally devastating and frustrating thing to deal with, particularly after the hard work of achieving your weight loss goals. The good news is, however, that through a Body Lift procedure, that excess skin can be removed to reveal the thinner, healthier, more confident you beneath.

A Body Lift procedure is designed to remove excess skin and may include any number of body contouring procedures on any number of areas of the body depending on the individual patient’s needs. The Abdominoplasty, Thighplasty, Breast Lift, Buttock Lift and Arm Lift are common Body Lift procedures. To learn more about the Body Lift and to find our if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure, contact our office today to set up your consultation.